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Transcendent music
Over the last many years my perception of what music can be has expanded considerably.. to say the least. My latest musical explorations I call Transcendent Music. Expanding from one single tone into multi-layered harmonies - the very sound itself has become increasingly important to me and calls for a whole different kind of presence.. both for myself as I create the music and as a listening audience. 

Actually I come from a strictly classical educational environment - where there is a very strong emphasis on practical skill. Today I still agree to the importance of being good at your craft - but what I have come to realize is that not only is the skill important, but the intent behind the music is of the essence. It brings depth and clarity regardless of style, in fact.. in most cases it means everything. 

In my opinion.. transcendent music has a sense of "high definition" to it. In listening it often connects us with something more than just our physical experience. This is triggered by the conscious intention behind the sound/music - where being alive becomes almost "larger than life". From 4K into 100K ... if you will  :-)

So beyond just shifting a mood, transcendent music often becomes a doorway that opens the consciousness to other levels of perception, reminding us of dimensions or levels of awareness many of us have forgotten. This means that sound awareness can be the first step in tuning in and connecting with who we really are.

Much like poetry works with words put together in very specific ways, transcendent music is a synergy of tones, harmonies, melody and energy. There is an alchemical quality to it which can open our consciousness... sometimes even if we are not open for it.  

So.. for me as a singer my music is so much more than entertainment. Actually I always felt that way, but only after I began creating my own music have I become aware of this. What I call transcendent music is an alchemy of components with a potential far greater than we realize.

And don't get me wrong.. I love to immerse myself in the music just for the joy of it, playing in singing just because it feels great. The joy not only of being completely in the music, but also letting the music connect you with the essence of life, can truly take your life to the next levels. 

And often does. . .  ( ◠‿◠ )

Lemurian Home Coming
Timeless Prayer
Full Moon Dance

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Lemurian Home Coming
When I began creating this music it was an entirely new experience for me. 
This album (and "Atlantis Remembers") contain no instruments – in other words I am singing all vocals, which has given me a freedom to do what I want. 

My primary focus has been the sound and it all began with one tone from which the music then slowly emerged. 

I'm singing in a language I did not learn in this life - and yet it seems so familiar to me.. as if it would be my mother tongue.

This space is sacred to me. It is where all my music comes from.

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