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This Is The Place
Morning With Sekhmet
Ntr Nfr
Atlantean Dream
Sja Va Na
Al-Khem My Love

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Anders Holte about "Oh-Be-Ahn"
In February 2010 Cacina and I were part of a magical trip with Crimson Circle through Egypt. 
Throughout our journey with a group of 100 participants we were toning together and listening to Geoffrey Hoppe's channeling at many sacred sites. 

The music on this album was created using excerpts from the events on this amazing trip. Except for the bonus track "Al-Khem My Love" all pieces include parts of various live recordings from on-site channelings, and group tonings in magical Egypt... in ancient times known as "Al-Khem". 

The music on "Oh-Be-Ahn" 
(*Oh-Be-Ahn is the ancient greeting to fellow time travelers)

1. "This Is The Place": 

We are inside the Great Pyramid, one of the most significant constructions on this planet Earth, aligned with the stars in ways we are just now beginning to fathom. Ah-Kir-Rah's timeless words and tones echo from the ancient walls. The sound in this place is literally out of this world. This is the experience put into music. 

2. "Morning With Sekhmet": 

Early morning in the temple of Karnak. Silently we stand in awe. Still profoundly touched by our magical visit with the goddess Sekhmet, we begin to tone in the first rays of the sun. The beautiful sound of the birds fills the air and occasionally you hear a distant bark from one of the temple dogs. Just close your eyes and allow the music to take you there. 

3. "Ntr Nfr" (Hassan's Intro): 

We had just visited the famous Sphinx when Mr. Hassan Khalil, our amazing egyptologist and tour guide, took Cacina and me aside to point out the meaning of specific hieroglyphs at the very portal we were standing at. We were so taken by his knowledge and passion for these messages as he told us: "Make music of it! It has vibration." And so we did. 

Ntr Nfr - the beautiful Lord 

Nb imakh ib - master of the joy of heart 

Hor m Akhet - Horus in his den 

Mry di Ankh - the beloved one, giver of life 

4. "Ntr Nfr" (song): 

"Ntr Nfr" is the music we made using these sacred, ancient Egyptian messages of love and heart. 

5. "Atlantean Dream":

It was the last evening on our beloved river boat. Floating down the Nile, Adamus gave one of his most beautiful and inspiring channelings ever. When he talked about the Atlantean Dream we all were touched to tears. This piece contains the essence of this precious evening in words and music. 

6. Sja Va Na (Song Of The Nile): 

During our time on the Nile our big group gathered on several occasions for toning and singing. The song we enjoyed to sing the most was our "Song Of The Nile" - Sja Va Na. What you can hear in this piece contains parts of the very recording that was made on Gallabya night when the entire group sang their "Sja Va Na" in the round centre hall of the boat. It's all there – the many voices, the joyous "live" energy, the deep humm from the boat, and even the cheerful applause at the end. 

7. Al-Khem My Love (bonus track): 

This piece does not contain any live recordings from our journey. The song came to me right after our return from Egypt. One day I just began singing from a part within me I didn't even know I had. Allowing my voice to go where it wanted to evoke an ancient memory and a longing for something I once knew so well… my Al-Khem.  


What people say about “Oh-Be-Ahn” ...

“Oh-Be-Ahn is a stunning collaboration between Ah Kir Rah, Adamus and Shaumbra, magically woven together and profoundly enhanced by the musical mastery of Anders Holte.

The tracks featured on this CD began with recordings from 2010 Shaumbra Egypt tour "Sounds of the Soul". These recordings include toning in the temples, channeling in the Great Pyramid, and more. Excerpts from these recordings were then audio mastered and layered with the profound beauty of Anders’ voice, rhythm and song.

From the moving and poignant “This is the Place” to the stirring “Ntr Nfr” to the beautiful “Al-Khem My Love” you may find yourself listening to this music over and over again as you experience the depths of remembrance and healing.”

Geoffrey Hoppe (Crimson Circle)

“This morning I was led to listen to your album “Oh Be Ahn”, and in particular to "This is the Place", in the specific, exact place, in the no space. That song has profound meaning to me, and takes me to a primal and powerful place. Also, I just wanted to mention how much I love the group singing and toning, presumably in the Cheops pyramid, as well as the Temple Dog making himself known. :) Once again, I offer my gratitude for your profoundly deepening music.”

Pamela, Asheville (North Carolina)

“Namaste! I’d like to share with you how your music became my companion through one of the most difficult junctures in my life. This music has become my drug helping me to pull through…

Other people may take tranquillizers or stuff – your music has JUST THE RIGHT ingredients that I need now: Love, depth, strength, subtlety, truth, knowing …


The old Egyptian in “Ntr Nfr” was right: there is vibration in it, but MUCH MORE than that!

Thank you for your great inspiring art and substantial contribution for all of us. I will keep on suggesting your music to others, but please provide more of such beauty, please!!!”

Yasmina B., Germany

“I am listening and I am deeply touched … by the Atlantean Dream, and Sja-va-na …”

Klaudia K., Germany 

“Dear, dear friends and fellow travellers Cacina and Anders! Thank you so much for this music. It simply takes my breath away and creates a direct connection to my innermost being.”

Fred K., Switzerland

“This album is absolutely lovely. I was very touched listening to our voices from Egypt and could only but sing toghether again. Thanks for your amazing works with that.”

Placidia E. 

“You have done it again. “Oh-be-Ahn” is stunning to listen to. Thank you.”

John S., United Kingdom

“My english is not good in writing. I just find you on the internet.

I didnt hear all of your music yet. Ive heard some tracks sample: “Lemurian Home Coming”, “This is the Place” (beautiful!), “Morning with Sekhmet” (wonderful!), “Atlantean Dream”, “Sja Va Na” (wonderful too!). They were short but your voice is wonderful!

I thought that I was hearing an amerindian native or someone like that singing (because of the caliber of your voice and those unknowned words). I didnt expect a danish one! 

After I listened your music I felt the need to write to you to tell you that this kind of music is so perfect to your voice! I think that you should sing more like that. 

Break a leg!”

Nanett G., Rumania

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