Video Gallery

Welcome to our Video Gallery. Below you find videos from "Live" concerts, and official YouTube videos using Anders Holte's music. Enjoy!


"You Are A Master" – featuring "Lemurian Home Coming", CD "Lemurian Home Coming"

"Live" Concert in Taiwan 2017 – "Pleiadian Prayer", CD "Dream Of The Blue Whale
(Anders Holte with Cacina Meadu)

"Call Of Atlantis", CD "Atlantis Remembers"

"Live" Concert in Taiwan 2017 – "Walking Through Lifetimes", CD "My World"

"Live" Concert in Taiwan 2017 – "Inner Ocean"
(Impromptu piece with Anders Holte, Cacina Meadu, and Taiwanese musician Silvia)

"Yehoshua the Nazarene" – featuring "Timeless Prayer", CD "Lemurian Home Coming"

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