Lemurian Home Coming

This album is interdimensional in nature and entirely vocal based. There are no instruments. – Read below Anders Holte's introduction to this album and what people say about "Lemurian Home Coming".

Lemurian Home Coming

Timeless Prayer

Full Moon Dance

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Anders Holte about this album 
"Lemurian Home Coming" is very close to my heart. 
It was my first album of an entirely new kind of music that I began to conceive around 2006. I named it "Lemurian Home Coming" because it feels to me like it came out of a 
reconnecting to this magical mystical place called Lemuria.

When I began this musical journey I had no idea where it would take me. But from the moment I sang the first few long tones that later were to become the core of "Lemurian Home Coming"… I felt home. Something within me remembered these sounds…. this feeling, and.. this space. 

Little did I know at the time that these sounds that felt so personal and intimate to me were to become interdimensional music, released as my first album of this kind and that this music soon would be touching people all over the world. People of all ages and cultures. (If you read some of the testimonials below you will understand what I mean.)

The reason this music touches us is perhaps because sound and music can release memories stored deep inside us from ancient times. Memories of where we all come from. When the music takes us back to our timeless origin, to our Home... it touches us more than words can say. Literally.

Even today… whenever I sing this interdimensional music "live" at concerts I feel like I'm telling a story without the words. A timeless story which although it comes through me from within goes far beyond this world and directly touches the hearts of people.

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What people say about “Lemurian Home Coming”..

If there is music more beautiful, I've not found it...

When we 'die', when our soul shrugs off our current outfit, ready for rest, newness and change, we spend time between lives, in that place where all of our souls come from. A place of beauty, peace and wonder, where gentle, loving guides help us understand the life we've just lived, support us in choosing the next life, choosing challenges that will help us evolve.

If there's a soundtrack to the journey to that place, to the time spent there, it will sound like this album; like this man's voice. This music cuts through ego, cuts through the mundanity of everyday living and it touches your soul, speaks to something ancient and timeless. Let it in. 

United Kingdom (anonymous)

"I don’t know what to call Lemurian Home Coming. To say it is 'music' is far too limiting. But neither is it just toning. So I’ll leave it by saying that Anders has created something that is nearly indescribable, but definitely New Energy. I invite you to experience Lemurian Home Coming for yourself."  click to read full review

Geoffrey Hoppe, Crimson Circle/USA

"I just listened to your Lemurian Home Coming. It is quite possibly the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard and resonates with me on such a deep level. I can feel every vibration somewhere in my body and often in many places in my body creating unity, balance and cleansing. Absolutely wonderful. I hope you continue and do well at what you do....you are in my eyes an evolutionary leader in the world today with a gift such as this"

Marie, United Kingdom

"I just want to tell you how grateful I am to have found your music. I heard it for the first time a week ago and immediately fell in love with it with all my Being. It was like coming home and still is every time I listen to it. I hope to experience it one day in person.  Until then : Thank You  Thank You  Thank You.  Lots of Love and have a wonder-ful time wherever you go."  

Claudia E.

"You are a fantastic singer. I love this healing music…. the Lemurian Home Coming.
Lightful singing greetings to you."

Gabriela S., Switzerland

"I've never heard such this music, what you create. I love, that I typing now, because I'm crying continously while writing you... so I heard the Lemurian Home Coming... I don't know, what happend when I listen, I don't know what is my feelings, but it made so so much impression or influence to me, I have to cry and cry... 

This music is very close to that voices, or music, what I heard in me, when I was little child... and the voice of crystals...

sorry I'm little bit confused, but because of your music :-)

I bless you, I thank you!!! And all of them, who helped you and inspired you to make this unlimited, wonderful music!"

Emese L., Hungary

"The song “Timeless Prayer” is so wonderful.  I can expand and really feel and can go so deep. Thank you for your wonderfull music."

Marie-Therese, Germany

"Timeless Prayer is by far and beyond, the most powerful piece of music I have ever heard, and immediately takes me into a sacred space as soon as I hear it. It has been and will remain my most beloved piece of music ever….and I know that when I listen to it, it touches the essence of my work."

Jo Jayson, United States (artist of “Yehoshua the Nazarene”)

"I love love love "Timeless Prayer," and the video collaberated with Jo’s artwork of Yeshua. Profoundly moving. It's amazing how music can bring art to life, and art can bring music to life. Looking forward to listening and witnessing the other pieces. Continued blessings of Happiness and Prosperity. 

In Spirit"

Regina B. 

"I just wanted to tell you that I meditated to "Timeless Prayer" while holding a Lemurian Seed Quartz, and my experience was incredible. Thank you for creating such beautiful music!"


"I recently purchased your CD Lemurian Home Coming. I really do not have words that can describe how amazing it is. I feel the presence of something divine there. Almost as if a portal is being opened in me and I am receiving something. Only one with a great spirit could create such wonderful music. 

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your expression."

Anthony P., United States

"I LOVE the Lemurian Home Coming. just felt that I would tell you personally; more like this PLEASE :-) 

Much Peace Light and Gratitude. One Very ancient soul incarnated for this GREAT shift of the Ages  

Blessings... "

Jasmin L., United Kingdom

"Thanks for the wonderful Lemurian music. I live at the feet of Mont Blanc, a high mountain full of crystals from Lemurian time and the very rare red fluorite. Will be great if some music would come out in tuning into those wonders….ciao"

Glorianda G., Italy

"I love your music and use Timeless Prayer in almost everyone of my Yoga classes... it really sets the mood perfectly for me.

Thank you again for your music...


Laurie M., United States

"Thank you for the Lemurian Home Coming. I can listen to your chants all day long, months and years. It is so magical beautiful, goes straight to the core of my soul, heart and Spirit. I share your Lemurian times all the time with my patients."

Viviane R., United States 

"Bonjour Anders !

Be blessed for your music that opens the heart and makes the soul travel in very high spheres. We are all UNITED and ONE in the infinitely Cosmic and the Love of the Creator. Be blessed!"

Isabel O., France 

"I have bought your fantastic album Lemurian Home Coming. Fantastic work. I felt your music immediately and couldn't wait to buy it and use in my meditations."

Michael Sch., United Arab Emirates

"I literally listen to Lemurian Home Coming every day. At least one of the songs at random when meditating. It’s truly a masterpiece and I haven’t found any other music that would set me in a meditative state so quickly.

Thanks again for this work. It’s a blessing."


"Today I received your CD “Lemurian Home Coming” and it keeps playing and playing and playing... I’m in a different time and space and at the same time in this 3D illusion. My baby who’s very peculiar about music can’t get enough of it as well and sleeps soooo very good on it, perhaps he has a Lemurian dream...

Again: thank you very very much for the energy and love you’re transmitting via your music. It’s very rare and very special.



"I heard your Lemurian music and my heart opened wide open, tears in my eyes and a feeling of homecoming... before I even knew that was exactly the title of your magnificent pure song. Thank you from the bottom of my (Lemurian) heart. There’s a lot of nice music but only every once in a while I stumble upon music my soul recognises. And yours is that. Thank you thank you thank you!

Love from the Netherlands"

Stefanie S.

"Thank you for your excellent matrice of energy, your songs. When a friend put your song “Lemurian Home Coming” like a child with an impulse I wanted to put my heart directly on the speaker in the car. It was like food, prana for me !

So from Québec city in Canada I thank you so much for the kindness of your soul!"

Carole R., Canada

"I recently heard your song "Timeless Prayer”. It was in a YouTube clip with pieces of artwork by Joy Jayson. I absolutely LOVED this song, as it took me to someplace very special. I can't wait to listen to even more of your work!"

Jason D., United States

"Just adore Lemurian Home Coming, to which I am "addicted" - and it's become my morning meditation. Thank you - SO MUCH - for your glorious music and angelic voice."

Suzie Plakson

"From one of my friends I heard "Lemurian home coming". My oh my, I was blown away and within seconds I had goose bumps all over my body and for the rest I was weeping ! What divine music is this. Thank you so much for bringing it to us !

I'm surely gonna buy at least this cd, it is mind blowing."

Serge De Mol, Belgium

"I found you through Oribel Divine’s “You Are A Master” video. I bought the Lemurian CD and this is the most incredible beautiful music I have ever heard.

Thank You so much!!! "

Shari G., United States

"I love Lemurian Home Coming. It speaks to me like no other music has. Actually I had a dream not so long ago; I was blessed to witness the angels singing as our universe was created .. your album resonates with their music .. thank you so much for sharing, I can't begin to tell you how much it calms and soothes me .. I continue to spread the word about this masterpiece of yours."

Maggie T., United Kingdom 

"Namaste Anders, when I heard your voice in the Kryon event here in Portugal every cell of my body vibrated. It was like a trip back in time, a homecoming, Lemuria … Thanks for waking me such wonderful memories."

Dulce P., Portugal

"Anders, I met you and your lovely wife at Kryon's event in Portugal. Your voice is a gift to share. I’m listening to the Lemurian Home Coming, I just “remember” and tears flow. I salute you! You are channeling the Pleiades, well beyond Lemuria. Thank you from my heart!"

Martha, Portugal

"Today is the first time i saw your name under a youtube film (“You Are A Master”). Lemuria. This is the first time i hear about some one who singing the same language as I. I sing this language when i was a kid. People ask me what i sing, then i answer. I sing about home. I thought i was crazy, but now i am inspired by your voice and do not feel lonely anymore. So thank you thank you for remember me."

Brenda, Netherlands

"I just have to let you know how much I love your music.... particularly the “Lemurian Home Coming". I particularly wanted to share that it plays non stop in my healing room, well almost!!

My clients love it also and they go into a much more relaxed state... So thank you, thank you and I await more of your toning..


Cynthya, Australia

"I just listened to the Lemurian Home Coming and its amazing…..The first track was gentle and i felt the energy just in my head(upper chakras)...The second track was stronger and the energy moved to the rest of my body(chakras)....The energy of third track was similar to to second.....The cd has put me in a state of bliss and its some of the strongest energy i have felt so far......This cd is a blessing,thank you."

Barry N., United States

"I was recently at one of Meg Blackburn Losey's classes and everyone LOVES your Lemurian Home Coming from the “You Are A Master” video." 

Denise R., United States

"I have been listening now to the Lemurian Home Coming cd for 1 week, drawn to it often somehow.  I feel as though my skull is shifting expanding perhaps, spacey, I can feel the emotional content in the tones, if I listen while I am thinking/feeling of what I want for the day it seems to magnify. Thank you for offering this"

Deanna K., United States

"Just a few weeks ago I finished reading Lee Carroll’s Kryon book “The 12 layers of DNA”. I think it is a wonderful book. I was looking on the internet for music from Lemuria and did not really expect something to find! But there was your cd. Even the sound samples on your website were so touching already. I received the cd a few days ago and yesterday evening I listened to the complete cd. It was amazing music. As you say somewhere on your website: recognizing the music of Home. My whole body was reacting on these sounds. As if my cells were having a party and were dancing! Thanks so much for this music."

Elisabeth H., Rotterdam

"I found your music via Tim Freke's video using your “Full Moon Dance” from Lemurian Home Coming. Sublime vocal gifts. Thank you very much."

Mary Engel, AZ, USA

"Few sounds lately soothe and calm my spirit as the amazing feel of home contained in this beautiful one."

Sincere thanks,


"Since I bought your CD "Lemurian Home Coming" I have played it as background to my daily meditation. Your beautiful toning helps me with my own. I also gave that CD as a gift to a friend. She and her husband like it as much as I do. - Thank you for your wonderful contribution on our spiritual journey."

Judith W., Switzerland

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for putting forth the toning titled ‘Lemurian Home Coming’. On listening to it, I could feel my entire body. Not just the physical but all of the rest was absorbing the tones even through my 3rd eye. This was the first time I felt anything being absorbed from my pineal and immense gratitude and thanks for the same. Somehow felt to be a part of Lemuria too-surely but steadily it will unfold.

Much love and light to you!"

Gopika M., Canada

"Your “Lemurian Home Coming“ in “You Are A Master” resonated throughout my body and touched my heart and soul. Thank you for your voice and music and the true gift it holds.

Blessed are you."

Paula v.B., Netherlands

"Anders, Loved your Lemurian Home Coming and all your beautiful voices. Saw the “You Are The Master” video. Glad tissues were handy. It's a great heart opener and intro into meditation for me."

*Cris* H., United States

"The music on Lemurian Home Coming has a hauntingly transcendent depth and I'm not surprised to learn that whales played in role in your inspiration for this. I'm moved to playing it over and over and over again. When I hear music like this I feel less alone on this planet, as if the sounds connect to a language within my cells that feels greater than my physical being. A kind of expansive serenity. My gratitude again, for this music."

Avina S.


"My name is Silvia. Im a romanian woman, but for a while I live in Italy. I listened your creation ”Lemurian home coming” wich for me is something above the music. The words cant describe the feelings I have when I listen this wonderful music. Thank you very much."

Silvia R., Italy

"I have the Lemurian Home Coming playing in my car all the time (I’m not exaggerating). Your work (both you and Cacina) is really a joy and is appreciated.  Thank you.  Just wanted you to know"

Kim H., United States


"I love the Lemurian Home Coming that I find so profound and inspiring. Probably the BEST spiritual music I've ever heard in my life! So, I just want to say you a BIG thank you for what you have done and and I hope to meet you once..."


"Very recently I was introduced to your music and your album- Lemurian Home Coming. I was visiting my Reiki master at the time for a treatment and she told me she had some new music for me to listen to. She had no idea who you were or what, just that your music moved her. I was stunned. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us. I have to admit, I was surprised when I saw your face...from the richness of your voice, I pictured someone...well, not caucasian. Forgive my ignorance! What a beautiful voice it is.

Thank you."

Christina Y., Canada

"Your Lemurian Home Coming penetrates into my being in swirling movements and it expands and expands... Thank You ! "

Adriana G., Brazil

"I just heard your music and wanted to say how beautiful your “Timeless Prayer” is.  Your work reminds me of David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir, where the pure vocal overtones create a resonance beyond sound.  I wish you all the best in your future musical explorations :) "

James O’T., United States

"Thank you from my heart for creating Lemurian Home Coming and verbalizing the concept of multidimensional music. The closest I could get was to describe such music "medicine". You are a blessing on this planet, Anders."

Laura, United States

"This weekend I was on an EMF-Teaching Session with Kryon friends. While talking about music from Tom Kenyon and Robert Coxon being used with the sessions I was asked for my opinion and I explained that I am crazy about your Lemurian Home Coming. :-) 

Love and greetings to Cacina as well"

Axel L., Germany

"Thank you so much for your album Lemurian Home Coming.  It is amazing music that is truly multidimensional. It deepens the breath for me and I feel like I am floating in a sea of calm.  It feels like home.  I look forward to hearing more of your music.

Warmest love and gratitude for this beautiful work."

Tania, New Zealand

"I was completely speechless after listening to and feeling into your interdimensional soundscapes. The first time we listened into it I was drawn back to the ancient times of Lemuria and playing with the whales, the dolphins and waves. It was like I heard my own voice calling me. The second time I was even drawn back further through time and space, travelling through dimensions. This experience helped me to open up layers deep inside myself that needed to be opened in order for me to remember who I Am and where I came from. This experience felt so precious to me that I didn't want to share it in the group, and I couldn't, cause tears kept flowing from my eyes. So I really would like to thank you from my heart and soul for your unearthly beautiful music."

Ingrid, The Netherlands

"I first heard Lemurian Home Coming at a meditation meeting. As I sat in meditation I focussed my mind on the beautiful sound for some time and then became aware that my body was making small movements back and forth - as though trying to align all of my chakras. I became aware of great energy through my crown chakra and expansive love through my heart chakra - it felt amazing. 

I then became aware that my three lowest chakras were 'blocked'. Then without warning emotions of grief, betrayal, loss, anger, anguish (associated with significant childhood trauma) started rising up from that deep place where we often hold onto deep pain. I knew that my body was crying but stayed in the mediation. The person associated with that pain came to mind and at a deep level, in my meditation, I forgave then and gave myself permission to let go of the pain. I then felt swathes of white light coming down through my crown chakra, through all my other chakras and out through my hands. I was still in this place of healing bliss when the voice of the leader of the meditation called us back. I had no conscious knowledge of needing further healing on this issue prior to the mediation, and was floored by the power of the emotions brought up and the divine healing that came in. Lemurian Home Coming is a very powerful piece of music which, in my experience, takes us to a place of deep spiritual connection. 

If you ever decide to add 'Testimonials' to your website you are welcome to use any of my words.

Thank you for your work."

Ruth S., Australia

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