Lemurian Home Coming

A review by Geoffrey Hoppe (Crimson Circle)

Linda and I met Anders Holte and his beautiful wife Cacina in Amsterdam in late May, 2009 during the Channeling Workshop. Anders asked if we’d listen to his newest creation, Lemurian Home Coming. We put the CD on the sound system and sat back to listen. We’d never heard anything like it. Linda and I immediately felt a sensation in our chests, like our hearts were expanding and ready to jump out of our bodies. 

There are no musical instruments in Lemurian Home Coming, only the crystalline tones of Ander’s voice. I’m not sure how he did it but he created other-worldy tones that literally awaken something deep within. We were mesmerized by the sounds.

We played parts of Lemurian Home Coming for Shaumbra that weekend during the workshop, and their reaction was the same; no words could describe the experience. Everyone was in a conscious trance after listening to Anders’ creation. It opened something within them and helped make it the best Channeling Workshop ever because they went beyond their own fear and anxiety about channeling.

As I told the group in Amsterdam, I don’t know what to call Lemurian Home Coming. To say it is “music” is far too limiting. But neither is it just toning. So I’ll leave it by saying that Anders has created something that is nearly indescribable, but definitely New Energy. I invite you to experience Lemurian Home Coming for yourself.

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