My World

Can You Imagine
Walking Through Lifetimes
My Sekhmet
I Never Knew
Where I'm Coming From
Perfect Replications
I Am Returning

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Anders Holte about "My World" 
I've been a singer long before I was aware of it. My first memories of other people 
being touched by my singing were already as a boy. To me songs are stories in music, and I love to tell stories.

Yet pure sound allows me to be ‘mindless’ like in “Lemurian Home Coming”, “Atlantis Remembers” and “Dream Of The Blue Whale”.

Nothing ‘to explain’ at all. In these moments my singing becomes my prayer, and I find myself in a timeless state of being. 

My World is my first full album which also contains songs with actual lyrics.

Who are we really? Where do we come from? Are we merely human walking this Earth ... or are we more? These questions of an awakening consciousness are reflected in the lyrical songs of this album.

The songs in sound language, the “Language of Light” are my prayer.. in music. In a timeless state of being they allow me to share a precious space with those who listen. A space of light and laughter.. of gratitude and love. This space is my sanctuary. It is the place where all my music is created.

My World is a blend of music with lyrics and pure sound. It is another collaboration with my partner Cacina with whom I also created the album "Dream Of The Blue Whale".  

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What people say about “My World” ...

“Great to see you both at the last Kryon event. Your song “My Sekhmet” was the musical representation of what it was like in a meditation I had when God held me in his lap and stroked my head during a VERY stressful time in my life. Thanks. Your song was like Heaven/Cosmos singing to my soul…”

Melissa H., United States

“I have your CD “My World” now and want to say you: „Thank You! It is WUNDERFULL!!!!” I enjoy it! All the best from all worlds (I mean not only earth)  ;=)) “

Viktoria Sch., Germany

“I attended the Kryon two day event yesterday and really loved listening to you sing. Among the beautiful songs that you did “Perfect Creations” was one that really blew me away.”

Nora N., Germany   

“Just a note to say thank you, Anders, for all the love I feel in your voice, and when I sing "I Am Returning" along with you, I feel it deeply.”

Nan S., United States

“Dear Anders! Thank you so much for your beautiful music and voice. Every time I hear "I Am Returning" tears begin to flow. It touches me so deeply! God bless you!”

Rosa D., Spain

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