Danish design - living abroad

I'm actually a Dane. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here I also received my education. First at the University of Copenhagen and then my Master's degree as a singer, voice teacher and choir conductor from The Royal Danish Academy Of Music.

A late starter
I actually began my musical education rather late. As a rock/pop singer in the Danish band Paris Paris at the age of 26 I still couldn't read music like.. at all. But after almost 10 years of study, that had changed.

I currently live in Munich Germany working as a singer, composer and voice coach. My time has been divided between performances with my Danish vocal group VoiceByChoice in Denmark and various groups here in Bayern. I have e.g. been regularly performing with Harald Rüschenbaum's Bigband. See my BeenThereDoneThat section for further photos and sound clips.

Waking up at 30
What also happened parallel to my musical endeavours was a growing spiritual awareness.. although back then I had no language for that yet. In the meantime I have been a student of spirituality for quite some years now and I find it increasingly gratifying. 

More than merely a philosophical view on life - spiritual understanding I find brings a clarity as it offers a different and more nuanced perspective on our human existence. Many of the fundamental questions to life can be approached with a new perspective, which is something that always excited me.

Life and music "in HD" 
For me singing is a doorway to a more expanded state of mind. It's a way of touching the part of me that knows all is well and that life is so much more than we have been tought. 

Singing good music is "larger than life". Life becomes "high resolution".. so to speak., and having experienced life in "HD" - it's very difficult to settle for less. And why should we?

Of course I also love the light side of life and music as well. The important thing is the intent behind. Actually in everything we do - this is key. 

There's a world of difference between if music is created to entertain or if it is entertaining as a natural result of its quality and "high resolution". 
Me and the Pacific Ocean

For me an "HD" life means living "in the zone". In musical terms this happens when music transcends the sound, the chords and the tones themselves and become a synergy that can lead to experiences far greater than just the sum of its parts. A dimension with more "pixels". For me it's always been about that level of quality, intensity.. and preferably with a light touch.