Farewell to Tobias

Crimson Circle Midsummer Conference 2009
in Breckenridge (USA)

The event of the year
This was a blast of an event. More than 400 people present and about 20.000 people were hooked up via internet as the whole conference was broadcasted worldwide.

I was honoured and proud to be part of this magnificent gathering presenting my music for the first time to a live audience.

This gathering was the official farewell to Tobias, a wise and loving non-physical entity - which had been channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe for more than 10 years. As this ascended master decided to be the first of his kind to come back to Earth in physical form – this was our celebration and goodbye. 

Among the many other speakers and channelers were Lee Caroll (the original Kryon channeler), Wendy Kennedy (channeler of The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective), John Cali (channeler of Chief Joseph), Norma Delaney (channeler of Kuan Yin) and Jonette Crowley (channeler of Ash-ta-tara, White Eagle and Marc).

I had the priviledge of meeting Lee Caroll - the Original channeler for Kryon. I didn't know at the time that soon I would be invited to sing at Kryon conferences and events.  

Goodbye to Tobias - hello to the New Energy
Although there was a great deal of sadness about saying goodbye to the familiar, loving energy of Tobias - it is part of the New Energy which is knocking on the door. It is time for us to "grow up" and realize who we really are. That the New Energy is all about beginning to live as the lighthouse we came to be. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for.