My Scandinavian Heart

Some years ago I recorded this CD album, consisting of 11 of the most typical and loved songs from Scandinavia - where I grew up. There are songs from Denmark, Sweden and Norway which I arranged together with pianist Christian Doepke.

For each song I re-wrote one or two verses of the lyrics into English, so you hear both the original language and my English interpretation.

Currently, this CD is unfortunately not available, but you can listen to a few clips here. Enjoy.

Vem kan segla förutan vind
Den första gång jag såg dig
Sneflokke kommer vrimlende
Sov på min arm

Meditation & Spirit Lounge

In the last couple of years I have expanded my perception of what music can be and what its full potential is. One of the results of this process has been the creation of my CD albums with music and songs of another kind. What I call multidimensional music.

You can read more in the Spirit Lounge section.