My endeavours over time

Been there - done that ...

A cappella music
Whether with a classical choir or a pop/jazz vocal group .. a cappella music has always been close to my heart. For more than a decade I was a bass-baritone and I was only singing classical music. As a member of The Danish Radio Choir I have worked with such renowned conductors as Herbert Blomstedt, Gerd Albrecht and Gary Bertini.

For many years I was singing in the vocal ensemble Musica Ficta. With this fine group of singers and its founder Bo Holten, I have had some of my most precious moments performing early and contemporary classical music.

I particularly recall our concert tour in Australia as one of the best. Another was definitely a 2 week workshop with David Hykes, founder of "Harmonic Choir" culminating in an concert of improvised music for a "full house" at The Glyptotek in Copenhagen.

For the last 15 years I had the pleasure of being a singer in and the musical leader of the Copenhagen vocal group VoiceByChoice - consisting of classical as well as pop/jazz singers, some of whom are opera soloists, but all with extensive choir and vocal group experience. Quite a potent cocktail.

When I Fall In Love

As part of a jubilee concert for Harald Rüschenbaum, I performed with a vocal group.. live a capella in Prinzregenten Theater in Munich with a filled room. There were truly some magical moments.

A cappella magic in Prinzregenten Theater

Brown Eyed Girl

Fly Me To The Moon

Big Band Jazz
I was singing jazztunes from the very beginning. Originally I started out with my own trio and as you can see in later years I've also been singing with bigbands which is really cool. Among others with Harald Rüschenbaum Bigband and private concerts with Tivoli's Bigband in Copenhagen.

Here's is a very "live" sound clip from a concert we did during Lange Nacht der Music in Bayerischer Rundfunk's Studio 1.

Mack The Knife