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Upcoming Events

Christmas Workshop In Italy

A Gift For The Soul
2-Day workshop in Imola Italy December 12-13 2015 Once again we are back in Italy this year offering a Christmas gathering. Come and join the family!

All information here.

Buon Natale :)

Kryon Return Of The Masters Israel Journey
September 30 - October 6, 2015

All information to this very special event here

Workshop in Israel A Sacred Space in Sound. Tuesday Oct 13 2015.

Information and sign-up here!

Kryon Summer Light Conference in Sedona, June 3-4 2015.
Once again we all join together. Come and be with us. All info here.

1-Day Workshop "Ancestors in Sound"
We are gonna have a magical time together. All info here.

Istanbul Turkey April 11-12 2015
This is the first time Kryon visits Turkey and yes, I will be performing at this event!
If you want to join us you can find all information here.

Workshop in Istanbul A Sacred Space in Sound. Monday April 13 2015.
More info here!

Kryon in Bologna Italy April 18-19 2015
Also here I will be performing and I give a workshop too!
Come and play with us in Beautiful Italia! I would love to have you join us.

1-Day Sacred Sound Workshop in Italy April 20 2015
Once again I'm back in Italy offering a workshop. I'm looking forward and I hope to see you there! Benvenuto :)

More events and updates to be announced. Please check in again.