Upcoming Events 

This fall Cacina and I will be on the road again with American author and original Kryon channeler Lee Carroll, performing at various events and excursions: Hamburg (Germany), Lake Constance (Germany), Basel (Switzerland), and Prague (Czech Republic).

You'll find more information about these and other upcoming events below. 

Hamburg (Germany) Friday, Sep. 7, 2018
Evening boat tour on river Elbe with Lee Carroll & Anders Holte

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Hamburg (Germany) Sunday, Sep. 9, 2018
Kryon Seminar day with Lee Carroll & Anders Holte

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Ueberlingen (Lake Constance) Sep. 12-15, 2018
For the first time in Germany: Kryon Discovery Series with Lee Carroll, Dr. Amber Wolf, Monika Muranyi, Shamir Ladhani, Anders Holte

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Kryon cruise on Lake Constance/Bodensee Sep. 16, 2018
With Lee Carroll, Dr. Amber Wolf, Monika Muranyi, Anders Holte

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Basel (Switzerland) Sep. 22-23, 2018
2 day event with Lee Carroll, Eric Pearl, Jllian Fleer, and Anders Holte

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Prague (Czech Republic) Sep. 29-30, 2018
For the first time we're going to Prague. Kryon weekend with Lee Carroll, Dr. Amber Wolf and Anders Holte

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Prague (Czech Republic) Oct. 1, 2018
"Sound & Soul Connection" – workshop experience with Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu

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Taiwan Nov. 3-20, 2018
We’re returning to Taiwan for an extended tour of interviews, concerts, filming and a precious meeting with indigenous people.

Information about our workshop in Taipei (in Chinese)

Past Events 

Kryon UK Tour – Stonehenge May 28, 2018
Excursion day with Lee Carroll & Anders Holte

Kryon UK Tour – Glastonbury Abbey May 27, 2018
Excursion day with Lee Carroll & Anders Holte

Kryon event in Bath (UK) May 26, 2018
With Lee Carroll, Dr. Amber Wolf, Marilyn Harper & Anders Holte

Avalon Choir in Bath (UK) May 23-25, 2018
Once again people from all over the world gathered to sing the Pineal Tones with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. This time the activation point was the Node of Glastonbury. 

Kryon event in Edinburgh (Scotland) May 12, 2018
With Lee Carroll, Dr. Amber Wolf, Anders Holte

Excursion to Rosslyn Chapel (Scotland) May 11, 2018
Evening visit with Lee Carroll and Anders Holte / Kryon channeling, Incantation and toning

Budapest (Hungary) April 28-29, 2018
Two excursion days on the river Danube with Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi and Anders Holte / Kryon channelings, Incantations and tonings.

Global Peace Meditation (Jerusalem) November 9, 2017
This global meditation event was created by filmmaker Tsipi Raz who is currently in the process of producing a new documentary called "The Field". The event took place in Jerusalem and was STREAMED LIVE around the world.

Cacina and I were invited to be part of this global initiative and contribute with our music. At the conclusion of the evening we were performing my song "Yesh Rak Ahava" together with our audience present in Jerusalem... and online.  

Check out more about "The Field" here

Bavaria (Lake Chiemsee) September 9-10, 2017
Once again I was with Lee Carroll and Kryon "on tour" to meetings around Europe. We started in the Bavarian mountains of Germany and the beautiful Lake Chiemsee.

I was toning with around 400 people in the sacred caves of the old salt mine inside the Bavarian Alps. The next day we visited the enchanted islands of Frauenchiemsee and Herrenchiemsee – with various Kryon Channelings, Incantations and group tonings on both islands. 

Portugal September 13-16, 2017
After that we were off to Portugal. We were doing an excursion tour in the area of Fatima, followed by a full Kryon day in Porto and Lisbon where Cacina and I were performing and giving a workshop.

Madrid (Spain) September 17, 2017
Our final destination this time was Madrid with a full Kryon day as well. 

Taiwan 2017
This was our first visit to this beautiful island. My Asian record label Wind Music had invited Cacina and me to come to Taiwan to give concerts and a workshop. We ended up also being featured in TV with a mini concert and interview, and I gave a lecture at a university in Taipei about Music and Consciousness. What an amazing journey! Thank you everybody in Wind Music. 

Kryon Quantum Experience CERN May 19-21, 2017
This event will blow your mind.. literally. I'll be performing special music and together we are gonna create a fusion of sound. Join us in Switzerland for this very special meeting.

Kryon Quantum Choir May 14-18 2017
Once again we gather from all parts of the world. This time the activation point is the Node of Mont Blanc. I will be co-conducting the Choir at this most extraordinary meeting of old Souls. 

 Brasil !

Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre & Sao Paolo (October 15-23, 2016)
Our first visit to Brasil!! It was such a joy for Cacina and me to bring our music to this beautiful land.

Thanks to our amazing organizers and dear friends Gustavo & Claudia we ended up giving concerts and workshops in Rio, Porto Alegre and Sao Paolo on our first visit to Brasil. We can't wait to return. Muito obrigado!