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July 03, 2016
Dear friends!

Just before many of you are off to your summer vacation allow me to point out two of our upcoming events: Italy and …. Egypt!

Italy (22.-24.7.2016) "Discover your Quantum Voice"
In July we return to Monte Cimone (a beautiful location in Northern Italy) for a 3-day summer workshop. We loved it there last year: working with our voices, with tone and sound, enjoying lovely vistas and wonderful Italian food. Our participants were happy, and so were we. Workshop language will be English, with translation into Italian.

For more information please check my website:

And now... (drum roll) ...

Egypt in November 2016. "The Alchemy Of Sound"

You all know that I’m a singer. Sound and music have always been at the center of my life. Throughout my career I have had the priviledge to sing in many prestigious rooms and concert halls, some with outstanding acoustics. But the resonance in the temples and pyramids of Egypt are literally of another world.

These structures were built thousands of years ago to be worked in using tone and sound. They were consciously created as sacred spaces of higher vibration and alignment. Many of these ancient buildings are built in perfect astronomical alignment with stellar constellations. And their structure displays that the Ancients understood the physics of sound.

Particularly in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Giza the acoustics are like nowhere else on the planet. Toning and sound in this room instantly alters your state of mind and transports you beyond the physical.

This, and much more is what this two-part journey through Egypt is all about.

My partner Cacina and I were invited to be the speakers for 2 consecutive tours, hosted by Patricia and Yousuf Awyan.

As a preparation for both tours we wil begin with a 1-day introductory workshop where you will learn the basics of tone and sound and how to use your voice in the temples.

This quite literally will set the tone for the journey ahead of us. It will prepare you (indivdually and as a group) to interact with the temples and pyramids the way the Ancient Egyptians did: vibrationally… through sound.

Allow me to give you a brief overview on both tours.

Tour 1 – Upper Egypt (Nov. 8-16, 2016)
Together we will fly to Southern Egypt. We will visit Abydos, the Osirion, the temple of Hathor in Dendera, Hatshepsut’s temple, and Medinet Habu. On to a magical evening visit to the Luxor temple, and the next day to the famous Karnak temple with a precious private visit to the mysterious Chapel of Sekhmet.

From then on we will enter our river boat and much like the initiates and Pharaohs did, we’ll be carried by the waters of the Nile itself. As our next destinations we will explore Kom Ombo, right before one of the highlights of this tour – a private, midnight fullmoon visit to the temple of Isis at Philae. This evening we will have this ancient temple to ourselves.

The next day we will cruise on to Elephantine Island, and we’ll be ending this tour with a wonderful farewell dinner at a Nubian village.

The complete itinerary with detailed information for Tour 1 - can be found here:

Tour 2 – In and around Cairo (Nov. 16-22, 2016)
After the introductory workshop about tone and sound for those who join the tour now we will be off to Saqqara. We will see the Step Pyramid, get to experience its ancient "Sound Healing Hospital", and then visit the amazing Serapeum. On to the Titi Pyramid, and out to the fascinating Valley of the Whales. The following day we will go to Memphis, and we will have a private entry to Abu Ghurob (one of Egypt’s most extraordinary and still unknown sites).

And then of course we will get to see and explore what the entire world associates with Egypt: the famous Giza plateau with its Sphinx, the Valley Temple, and the giant of all giants The Great Pyramid of Giza. Our group will have a precious two hours of private time in the King’s Chamber inside The Great Pyramid, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the Ancient World. A magical place that holds many secrets and unsolved mysteries that our world has yet to fully understand. The divine acoustics here are beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Really!

On the final day we will drive out to Dashur, and get to play with the resonant frequencies of the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, known amongst the Ancient Egyptians as the pyramid of “Double Harmony”.

The complete itinerary with detailed information for Tour 2 - can be found here:

You can book both tours or just one. To sign up please use this link:

So, to sum it up…

We will be visiting some of the most significant and amazing sites on the planet. Together with the group I will be singing incantations in some of the most precious sanctuaries of Ancient Egypt, where also Cacina and I will guide you how to bring these ancient buildings to resonate with tone and sound.

Accompanying us we have our extraordinary hosts and experts Patricia and Yousuf Awyan, who will share their unique knowledge and ancient wisdom with the group. You will also have plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Last but not least, yes.. we have planned time in each of these ancient sites for you to explore on your own… allowing your own intuition to guide you to where YOU need to explore.

One thing I know for sure: if you find yourself drawn to this tour, there is a reason for that. The temples and pyramids of Ancient Egypt are still here.. and so are you. What you might feel is a natural pull in your heart to return to the land of Al-Khem that most likely... you once called Home.

These tours are likely to become life changing experiences and they are both intimately precious, each in their own way.

We are looking forward to making these journeys together with you.

Welcome :-)

Anders & Cacina

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