Audio/visual gallery

At the Crimson Circle Midsummer Conference 2009 in Colorado USA there was more than 400 people present in the room and close to 20.000 computers hooked up to the online live webcast of the conference: I was singing "I Am Returning" - a song I wrote especially for this occasion.

Read more about this event and watch video

My Music On The Web

It has been a special joy for me to discover how my music has inspired many visual artists to create some absolutely beautiful videos. Here are a couple of examples.

The following videos have been using the music from the album Lemurian Home Coming .
Please notice that due to YouTube standards the sound quality in some of them is far from that of the original music.

Oribel Divine has created this first video is the latest of several high quality visual journeys from her.

Here she has blended the music from Lemurian Home Coming with words of wisdom from
Meg Blackburn Losey surrounded by stunningly beautiful images. I really think she has done this wonderfully. Please enjoy.

John and Ingerid are the founders of 'Love Lines World Galleries' . They have created these 2 visual journeys also using the music from Lemurian Home Coming album. By the amount of views on YouTube it seems that people like them too. Please enjoy these two precious visual statements.


Timeless Prayer :

Tim Freke is a wonderful author and speaker and he's all about the mystery of life and the Big Love. For this meditational experience he used the piece Full Moon Dance :

Lemurian Home Coming - by Victoria Paz

Lemurian Home Coming - Regreso al Hogar Lemuriano

Oh-Be-Ahn is my latest album. This video featuring the piece Atlantean Dream: