Crimson Circle Midsummer Conference
2009 in Breckenridge

At the Crimson Circle Midsummer Conference 2009 in Colorado USA there was more than 400 people present in the room and close to 20.000 computers hooked up to the online live webcast of the conference: I was singing "I Am Returning" - a song I wrote especially for this occasion.

This is Tobias' farewell hymn.. which obviously made it one of the the most intense moments for me of the entire Midsummer Conference..

Geoff and Linda together with all the presenters at the NEMC 2009

From left: Anders Holte, Cacina Spaeth, Wendy Kennedy, Lee Carroll, Jim Seiler, David Smith and Jonette Crowley

I had the priviledge of meeting Lee Caroll - the channeler for Kryon.